Eleanore and The Lost

 DRR_4182B&W - Copy1) When did you first get into music?  What or who inspired you?

Both my parents are classically trained singers – my Dad being a tenor at English National Opera and Paris Opera and my Mum, a session singer at Abbey Road, songwriter and now also a singing teacher.  I therefore heard a mix of music growing up, from the classical music that I would sometimes watch my father sing to the wide range of genres in my mother’s record collection.  I think singing probably seemed very natural to me thanks to my parents but was never thrust upon me.  It was when my singing teacher forced me to do a solo when I was about 14 (I wouldn’t really sing in front of people before that) that I discovered I loved the thrill of the limelight.  Growing up, I did the usual thing of miming to songs in front of a mirror so I really love making music videos for my own songs now.

2) Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?

As I mentioned before, I’ ve always heard some classical music growing up but also, thanks to my mother, artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Sting and The Police, The Pet Shop Boys, rock artists such as Whitesnake and Free and pop from artists like Mariah Carey.  I remember knowing far more music than the other children at school who only knew the current artists and this is something I’ve always been grateful for.  As I got older I also discovered lots of other artists for myself so I think my taste is now pretty eclectic.  I think that’s why my writing incorporates a variety of genres – I would get bored if I was made to write or perform in one style and although I feel my songs now have a certain ‘sound’ that makes them distinctive to me I think they also have separate identities and the tracks on the ‘Parlour Game’ album don’t just blend into one.

3) How long have you been playing/writing?

I remember singing songs at a very young age that I had made up and then I probably started writing demos when I was about 10 years old, trying to layer up instrumentation on my old keyboard and then record it all onto tape along with the vocals!  I began performing at a similar age in children’s musical shows but really started to hone my performance skills whilst working in my mum’s music shows where I would sing solos, backing vocals and in group numbers, often with choreography.  I learnt to perform a huge number of genres and to connect with and try to engross an audience.

4) How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?

I’ve played many gigs in the past in various parts of the UK at many different types of  venues but for a little while I’ve been working on new material so made the choice not to focus so much on performing.  However, this summer I did appear at two festivals.


5 – What has been your favourite moment in music?

That’s quite difficult; there have been many.  I think one that really stands out was performing at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon and watching the audience singing along to my lyrics and getting excited when I announced certain song titles or when I was about to sing some of the big, high notes.  Knowing the audience are that into your music is hugely flattering.

Also, when I’m sat writing a song and I listen back to my demo I sometimes feel a kind of excitement when the music just suddenly sounds special to me and I know I’ve got something worth continuing with.  Perhaps artists get the same feeling when they step back, look at their piece of work and know they’re on the right track.

6 – Where is the best place to find you online?

Whichever you prefer of the following!



Twitter: @EleanoreLost