‘Cold Little Heart’- Michael Kiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka returned with a new sound this year for his second album, Love & Hate accompanied by the beautifully crafted ‘Cold Little Heart’.
The track builds ever so gradually, eventually reaching a climax of weeping electric guitar solos and emotive ‘oohs’ before moving on to the second phase of the song where the lyrics properly begin and more of the classic Kiwanuka is fond again.
”Cold Little Heart’ was the first song I wrote for this album and it helped direct where the music was going. It’s really influenced by classic ’60s and ’70s British guitar bands like The Who and Pink Floyd, as well as by a lot of soul music.’
Kiwanuka also notes that ‘Those songs build really slowly and sometimes a vocal won’t come in until five or six minutes but you don’t realise you’ve been sitting and listening for that long because all the instruments are so enticing and so beautifully arranged that they grab your attention and it doesn’t matter that you’re waiting until the vocals come in.’