Rossi Noise

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1 – When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?

We’ve all been into music for as long as we can remember. For myself (Ross, vocals) and my brother (Scott, drums) our inspiration was our Dad. He is also a drummer, and we used to go and watch his band play when we were both kids.

2 – Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?

Myself, Scott and Neal were all brought up on rock and metal. From really heavy stuff like Pantera to Guns ‘n’ Roses. Gav was brought up on early reggae and dancehall music with him being from London. This has a huge influence on what we do now, as we like to combine all our favourite genres.

3 – How long have you been playing/writing?

As Rossi Noise only a couple of years. We have all been in other bands previously, but this is by far the most fun we’ve had.

4 – How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?

As much as we possibly can. We’ll be playing Newcastle on 21st March, which is the date our new single is released. This is a sold out show at the Head of Steam. We’re back in London, at the Dublin Castle in Camden on 15th April.. And we’ll be touring after the album is our in October. Dates TBC.

5 – What has been your favourite moment in music?

Playing main stage at Evolution festival in Newcastle was a huge moment for us all. I have always gone as a punter. My first year in attendance I was probably 15, I said ‘One of these days I’ll be on that stage’ 10 years later. It happened. It was a huge buzz at it was our home town crowd.

6 – Where is the best place to find you online?

keep up with us on, and hear us at