Sophie Dorsten on her stunning new single and hopes for what ‘Tomorrow’ may bring

Written by: Charlotte Bredael

18 year old singer-songwriter Sophie Dorsten has been performing around the Phoenix area and beyond since she was just 9 years old, turning heads with her uniquely stunning voice that is powerful beyond her years. Once she turned 13, she began releasing singles and has since worked with top producers to release her new single ‘Tomorrow’, which features vulnerable lyrics exploring the uncertain and exciting times that await beyond her recent graduation.

With a clear drive and passion for music, Sophie has built her career from the ground up, letting nothing get in the way of pursing her dream. To find out more about her journey and hopes for the future, I sat down with Sophie to chat all things music, writing and more which you can read all about below.

Let’s start at the beginning, I’d love to learn more about you and your musical journey. What inspired you to start making music and who have been your biggest influences?

My name is Sophie and I’m an 18 year old from Phoenix, Arizona. I have been performing around the valley here since I was 9. In the beginning I was in a band with my brothers called “Sophie and the Boyz” in which I sang and played bass guitar. After several years the band broke up and I picked up the acoustic guitar and taught myself as I started writing songs. Some of my biggest influences back then were Adele, James Bay, and Vance Joy.

Your new single ‘Tomorrow’ is absolutely stunning, what inspired you to write the track and what was the recording process like for you?

I wrote my single “Tomorrow” at the beginning of my senior year when I realised that I would be graduating soon and was overwhelmed at what would happen after high school. It was released in May of 2020 and seems to be relevant in a different way right now with the unknown of what tomorrow brings in this crazy time. I went to Nashville to record it with Jordan Lake at Sound Kitchen Studios – it was an awesome experience. My older brother recorded electric guitar on it with me. I walked in to the studio and my producer had it all planned out with the other musicians; we recorded it in a couple of takes. I’ve recorded several EPs and singles since I was 13 and this one song was the coolest experience so far.

Many songwriters have a specific set up/mindset that they like to be in in order to be their best creative self. When do you find that inspiration for a track comes to you and do you have a special place or mood that you prefer to be in while writing?

I prefer to write alone and imagine myself in a beautiful place; I need calmness to be in the right mindset.

What is your favourite song to cover and why?

My favourite cover to sing is “Fireworks” by First Aid Kit. I love the dynamics of it; I tend to make covers a little bit of my own when I perform them.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you choose and why?

I would love to collaborate with Billie Eilish because I like her songwriting and the meanings behind her songs.

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects that you’ve been working on recently?

Currently I’m working on a music video for my song “Tomorrow.” My original plans for the video were changed with Covid-19 so I am creating it myself now. I am also writing several songs right now and hope to record them soon.

What is your ultimate goal for your music career within the next 10 years?

My career goal is to go all the way with my music; whatever that may mean these days. I would love to share my songs with the world.

Do you have any recommendations for other up-and-coming artists that you think we should all be listening to?

A local band I enjoy and would recommend checking out is Jane N The Jungle.

You can listen to Sophie’s beautiful new single ‘Tomorrow’ on Spotify below as well as her many previously released tracks that date back to 2016. Make sure to follow her on social media to be the first to be notified when her music video is released and to stay in the loop with upcoming projects, I’m sure this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from Sophie!