Introducing…Beldon Haigh

When did you first get into music, what or who inspired you

 I Started playing guitar aged 10 and writing songs aged 11. Those songs were quite funny but what’s important is to just get into the habit of making stuff.  I always loved guitar music and had my road to Damascus moment when standing at the record counter in Woolworths and hearing “More than a feeling” by Boston for the very first time. I was absolutely enchanted by Tom Scholz guitar sound and that awesome song. I must’ve been 12 years old and it just sounded like audio heaven to me. After that I’d pretty much decided I wanted to write guitar based songs.

I love falling in love with a new song and new sound.

I’ve fallen in love with hundreds of songs and artists since then.

I fell in love when I heard Jimi Hendrix for the first time, also Simon and Garfunkel, Sex Pistols,  Bowie, Massive Attack, Teenage Fanclub more recently Jungle when I first heard Busy Earnin. 

Your never too old to fall in love.

Who did you grow up listening to how did it influence you etc.

 I was massively fortunate because my musical youth spanned late 70s and 80s 

 Which meant I could get into some of the all time great rock bands like The Rolling Stones, Free, Tom Petty, Bowie, (the list goes on) then moving into awesome punk and alternative bands like Sex Pistols, Tom Robinson Band, even AC/DC, Motörhead, Talking Heads, Psychedelic Furs and even into Funk and Dance – I’m a massive Nile Rodgers fan. 

 I also love the craft of songwriting and am very influenced by Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Randy Newman, Al Stewart, Leonard Cohen – even the late and very great Frank Zappa and loads more.

 The influence is I like to tell stories in songs I like interesting lyrics , funny ironic lyrics , I like a bit of edginess and dissonances. I also really appreciate production , the right groove, the right arrangement and different instruments and guitar sounds. It’s all a mish mash.

How long have you been playing / writing.

 Since I was 11

How often do you play live and where can we next see you. 

 I used to gig every week and play every chance I could get, I can do acoustic sets or with the full band. 

 But I stopped all that about 18 months ago and focused on writing and recording my album. Gigging is important but it’s also very time and resource heavy and so is doing an album and I needed to just get focused on the album.

 No immediate gigs planned right now for gigs right now – but that’s going to change very soon so watch this space.

 Favourite Moment in Music

 Playing the Marquee Club with Boxing Clever in Wardour Street many years ago. 

 It was a brilliant night, the dressing room was from another world – it was very scant and utilitarian but the graffiti was insane – U2, Hendrix, Rolling Stones , Oasis, you name it they’d played there and they’d signed that wall to prove it. There was something pretty timeless and dreamlike about standing on that historic stage in front of the majestic Marquee club logo. It was a great stage, a great PA , great sound and big audience and we played a very decent set that night, it was fun and it was tight and we got a couple of encores – definitely one for the scrap book.

 Where can I find you online 

 Twitter and Facebook and Youtube 

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