GET TO KNOW: Lisa Richards

When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?

My mother was a concert pianist. I am the youngest of 7 kids. Even though My mother had a car accident and sustained a severe brain injury when I was 7  and was no longer able to play the piano,  we had 2 record players in the house and music was being played pretty frequently. Upstairs on the turn table, it was classical music, Edith Piaf, Nana Mouskouri, big band jazz, Eddie Cantor. Downstairs on the turntable it was Musicals, Black Sabbath and Captain Beefheart.  I remember watching my mother moving her one good hand conducting in the air, listening to Edith Piaf and crying. I felt the impact of the human voice and of music generally. I saw and felt for myself how moving it was.

Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?

Gosh.. I listened to such a broad spectrum of music. I firmly believe that I have been influenced by everything I have ever heard and seen. Edith Piaf, Led Zepplin, Rodriguez, Rolling Stones, Oliver Twist, The Pretenders, Mozart, My Fair Lady, Victor Borga, Black Sabbath, Ricki Lee Jones, Lou Reed, David Bowie, the Supremes, Diana Ross…  But of course my exposure to music didn’t end when I became an adult, so of course I do continue to be influenced!

How long have you been playing/writing?

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 30 and singing since I was 25…so a while and yet no time at all 🙂 

How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?

I usually perform in block sections of dates. Meaning, I put together blocks of dates (commonly called tours) 2, 3 or 4 times a year. I have 2 shows in Australia coming up. One in Sydney this weekend and one in Melbourne next week. I’m planning the USA and UK for later this year.

What has been your favourite moment in music?

Favourite moment…whose music are we talking about?? I think discovering Nina Simone was a favourite moment. That woman was brilliant. So diverse and  yet she ‘owned’ every song she sang and made it her own, as well as writing some kick ass songs and choosing songs by little known  writers.

For myself, there have been many many moments. I particularly love the feeling of  a performing a show  and then running into people the next day who are still buzzing and inspired from it. That is THE best feeling.

Where is the best place to find you online? 

From here you can find my facebook and all the other fabby social media sites.