When did you first get into music? What or Who Inspired you ?
It was the beautiful vibrant sounds within Orchestras and Big bands with their power swings, that my Mother and Father played constantly throughout our home. I was drawn to music at a very early age. Both my parents could sing very well too. And I saw how music affected people, right from the start. So I suppose it was my parents whom led me into music world, without realizing it. My Father could imitate Frank Sinatra’s voice or Dean Martin, and used to talk about various things relating. I remember loving the sheer power of big sounds.
Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now.
Well, in my youth, I suppose the Radio’ being the main listening    device at home, always played a lot of American talent over in the UK, and the Swing Bands and Singers were brilliant. I loved them all, because of there complicity, and bounce. Electrifying. Beautiful arrangements. And through the years of changes in music, I have studied more on the American side. They were so much more Melodic. And so, having lived and worked in the States, has made me say yes, the American music has an impact on me, to write and think’ the American way.
How long have you been playing/writing.
I started playing in Pop Groups with 4x or 5x people’  in my teens. But when I was 9 or 10yrs old, I started writing poems, long before I started writing song lyrics. So looking back, I would say, music is the major part of my life.And I still have much to give.
How often do you play Live’ (including details and Links for any upcoming gigs)
At the moment I am not playing Live. I am working on a new concept in my home studio. I have an Album out called Tennessee’ using my character name I N J I N and again’ it was created for the American Market, in fact from this Album, I have  ‘mind created’  a great’ idea for a  ‘West End Show’ And I will be working on this too. My Web Site is– and Film:
What has been your favourite moment in music.?
Goodness me, I have many favourite moments in playing Live’, Being congratulated for my work by Big names, was also rewarding.  And they were good friends too. There was a fantastic moment in West Germany whereby I was called upon, to front a well known Rock band  to play in a Complex that fronted onto open fields as far as one’ could see. This was to be the Annual European Hells Angel Convention. The Main field and surrounding fields were totally full, of Angels and Motor bikes of every description, including the latest Harley Davidson’s.
Where is the best place to find you online?
I am online in many places, the Main place is: where my I N J I N Story is’ also on Soundcloud, and Twitter,.. Facebook, – (under Roger James) Film:  and in other drops on Youtube.