Tom Grennan’s Almost Undiscovered Talent

Singer songwriter Tom Grennan came close to never discovering his enchanting voice as it wasn’t until he got a little tipsy at a party and started singing that he and everyone else realised he had a hidden talent.
“I got p**sed up for the first time at a party and just started singing. I remember going back to school and my friends were like, ‘Do you wanna join a band?’ I said, ‘F**k off’. Ended up doing it, and loved it.”
You wouldn’t know it from Tom’s songs but his dyslexia can often get in the way for him when writing, but he notes that “Basically, how I write now is that mentally I put stuff on a washing line. I just hang it all up and pick different parts in my head. So then I pick odd socks, lyrics- wise, and I put an odd sock to 
an odd sock and think, ‘How can I make that a pair of pearly whites?’ It’s weird.”
Tom’s new EP Something In The Water is certainly worth a listen and he describes it as “raw and real; it’s an introduction to the world really, basically saying, ‘I’m Tom, I’m going to do bigger than this, but this is me right now.’ I just want to make an epic sound, like an orchestral sound. Violins, cellos, trumpets, saxophones, all that kind of stuff – just epic.”