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When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?
I think we all got into music from a very young age, it’s in our blood!
Laura: My parents really inspired me as they really into music and have a large eclectic collection that’s always been at my fingertips. My mum has always sang with me and my dad is a bass player so there has always been instruments around the house to try out.
Ian: I grew with my dad recording the top 40 off the radio every Sunday. My mum always used to play Roxy Music, The Eagles, Simply red in the car when we would do errands. My grandad was a collector of Jazz records from an early age so when I’d visit him I’d always have a rummage. In secondary school i was turned onto skate punk and everything that goes with that and as I’ve got older my tastes have spread far and wide, from country, to hardcore punk, to ambient and everything inbetween.
James: Early memories of setting up my Mum’s pots and pans in front of the tv, drumming with wooden spoons to The Beatles and Rolling Stones, my dad and brother spurring me on with Jagger and Keith impersonations.
John: I’m actually not from a musical family at all. My parents thought it would be a good idea to learn piano at aged four, but I absolutely hated it! It all changed when I was 13 – a few other kids started learning electric guitar before me and I thought I’d give it a go. Almost instantaneously it became an obsession, I wanted to be better than the other kids because frankly, I was pretty awful at everything else. I’d rush home from school and play solidly for 3-4 hours a night.
A bit later on I started songwriting, and then I got into recording in a big way when I went to uni.  I actually found a love for piano a few years ago, I think it was prompted by getting into production.
Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?
Laura: I grew up listening to strong female artists like Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, Blondie, Joan Armatrading  as well as things like Bob Dylan, The Cult, New Order and Whitey Ford.
I think having such a varied mix of influences and genres is hugely beneficial to creating original music, it makes me want to be more experimental and cross genres.
Ian: Artists that have shaped me recently would people such as Ryan Adams, Radiohead, Blur and the technicalities that go with those bands. I still like to hold my punk rock ethos close to my heart though and bands like NOFX, Bad Religion, Offspring, The Flatliners have made me who I am over the years
James: It was compulsory to listen to The Beatles and Rolling Stones in my house growing up, but beyond that it has to be the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Chad Smith has always been my favourite drummer. I’ve always got Come Together, Brown Sugar and Can’t Stop on repeat. I guess all three songs have a raw, percussive sound which I’m drawn to and that has definitely influenced me.
John: I grew up listening a lot of classic rock – guns n roses, Eric Clapton, Hendrix, ect. Later I got into indie. There was a great club night near me in Kingston called new slang. I had the opportunity to see a load of great bands in a really small venue such as the Maccabees, Jack Penate, Bloc Party, Foals.
How long have you been playing/writing?
Laura: I’ve been writing songs as long as I can remember! I have books upon books with song lyrics in from age 5 up. I remember at school I used to spend breaks on the piano in the school hall or using the recording equipment in the music block.
Ian: I have been attempting to play and teach myself new things for 14 years or so. I had a band in Australia called “The Sleaze” and we toured with some established acts and had moderate success. When I moved home from Australia I tried the singer/songwriter thing, influenced heavily by Ryan Adams, but I didn’t like performing on my own as its too much pressure.
James: When I was younger I really enjoyed writing. As a teenager I started turning my attention to lyrics, playing in different bands throughout college and uni.
How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?
We’re really loving playing live! We have been trying to do 1 or 2 gigs a month at the moment and are really looking forward to getting into the festival season.
What has been your favourite moment in music?
The last couple of shows have been really good. Having people sing and even know the words to what you’re playing is an amazing feeling! Watching people get down and groove to your tunes is ace!
Where is the best place to find you online?
We’re working on a website but in the meantime…  is the best place to find our music at the moment  is where we post reviews, pictures and where you can keep up to date with our upcoming gigs J  lots of randomness

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