Bassman75 Interview

1 – When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?

Since my brother is musician, I used to listen to his songs playing in the radio back in my native Angola. But I only got initial to do music when we moved to the US in the 90’s. My brother “Bony” inspire me.

2 – Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?

I grew up listen to Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Kool G Rap, Afrika Bambaataa, Sugarhill Gang, LL Cool J some Angolan musicians such as Paulo Flores, Eduardo Pain, My Brother “Bony” and many more. If you listen to my lead single “Jamaican Grind” scheduled to be release October 20th, 2015 you will see the impact these musicians have on my work.

3 – How long have you been playing/writing?

Professionally, 8 years now. It’s been 8 beautiful years. I’m humbled and I love every second I take of my time to create an art form that many seems to like and appreciate it.

4 – How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?

At moment, I usually play twice to four time a month. Next gig September 12th, 2015 at Maladiere, Neuchâtel – Switzerland.

5 – What has been your favourite moment in music?

My African tour couple years ago. I got a chance to visit my country and all those good memories growing up as little kid popped out.

6 – Where is the best place to find you online?