Hardkiss Interview

Unsigned Interviews:

1 – When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?

My parents are the musicians that’s why my first performance was in 3 years old. Then it was a lot of festivals, competitions, jazz bands. Val was always in art. He was studying Fine art in Central Saint Martins but music was always his passion. We met four years ago and started The Hardkiss.

2 – Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?

I’ve grown up on jazz music Rachelle Ferrell, Regina Belle, Patty Austin, George Benson, Gaelle were my gurus. Val is listening to rock and alternative music, his favorites are Tool, NIN, Massive Attack, Radiohead, The Prodigy, Faith No More, Depeche Mode, Korn, MM, APC, Portishead.

That’s why our music is so style mixed, we have a very different influences. Our beats and guitars are very hard and rock, but melodies and vocals are deep and smooth.

3 – How long have you been playing/writing?

Since our childhood. But we work as The Hardkiss for 3 years.

4 – How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?

We play live concerts every weekends in different cities, we love touring. Also we are making a big shows mostly in Kiev, hope someday to make it in London!

You can watch our news and upcoming gigs on our facebook page.

5 – What has been your favourite moment in music?

Music is the universal language. And doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, people can understand and love the music. Music connects people.

6 – Where is the best place to find you online?

The best way is to watch us on our Youtube channel

And facebook https://www.facebook.com/THEHARDKISS

Adam, Hear the Sea Interview


1 – When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?

My house always had a strange mix of music. My older brother was in a traditional Greek band and they used to rehearse in our living room and much to their annoyance I used to be fascinated by it all. My mum worked from home as a seamstress so was always on this really loud, monstrous industrial sewing machine and had London Greek radio playing to drown out the rattle and hum and i had to find ways of amusing myself. We had an ancient record deck, one of those hideous 70’s things that was built into a table and had speakers built in…and at some pointI figured out how to wire a mic into it so I could sing over my favourite records.


2 – Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?

I think the dramatic greek music I grew up on and the Cat Stevens vinyls definitely helped mould my music. But it’s the music I discovered in my late teens which really influenced me, like The Smiths and Kate Bush.
3 – How long have you been playing/writing? 

In this lifetime? I just had a karmic astrology reading! Since around 14. I was always creative in other ways before that. I used to play dead a lot like Harold in Harold and Maude.
4 – How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?

I haven’t played live before in this musical incarnation and am really looking forward to getting my band together. (code for I’m shitting a brick) Found a great drummer and now looking for a keys player..know anyone?
5 – What has been your favourite moment in music?

Playing a packed house at SXSW festival in my last project ‘The Adamski Kid’ and being interviewed live off stage by BBC Radio 1. I was high on adrennaline and was woo-holing a lot!
6 – Where is the best place to find you online?

For up to date news check out www.adamhearthesea.com or catch me at www.facebook.com/adamhearthesea or tweet me and tell me what you think of ’Sorrow’ @adamhearthesea

ToyFace Interview


When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?


  • I was 13 when I bought my first proper record, which was Live Through This by Hole. I bought it whilst I was spending a couple of weeks at a friends house whilst my mum was away. We’d never heard anything like it before and I remember us just hanging out of her window feeling euphoric listening to Courtney Love singing ‘And the sky was made of amethysts…’ and shrieking looking up at the sky and down into the street.


  • I first properly became interested in music at school when I met some like minded friends who were up for playing music together. We listened to all sorts of music to begin with, from psychedelic 60’s stuff to Grunge, hip-hop and funk and everything else in between. I had piano lessons since I was young which was extremely useful. I was able to apply my knowledge of classical piano to the jams that we were having which made everything quite experimental and exciting. 

 Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?


  • I grew up listening to everything, some of it was terrible! But the music that stayed with me is very important to me. Bands like Nirvana, The Fall and Joy Division. Since I was very young I’ve listened to the big 60’s stars like Hendrix, Nina Simone and James Brown. Massive Attack have always been a huge influence too, as it seems that you can’t escape it here in Bristol, their influence is everywhere and its amazing to witness that.


  • It might sound weird, but I can’t see a definite link between much of what I grew up listening to and how it impacts me now. I’ve always enjoyed music, I started paying more attention to it as a teenager, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I started making music, and even now at 29 years old after singing for the last seven or eight years, is it that I really am starting to feel a bit more like a musician who is really paying attention to the separate elements that make up a song.

 How long have you been playing/writing?


  • Since I started playing piano so 18 years. 


  • I’ve been writing since I was a child, but it wasn’t until I was about 21 that I started actually turning what I was writing into songs. I’ve been making music for about seven or eight years.

How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?


  • I play live sporadically. I gig quite a bit last year with a couple of different guitarists who learned songs I’d written on guitar or stuff I’ve written with James. It gave me some more freedom to keep doing shows even if James was busy with other bands that he’s in.
  • Now that we’ve just made a record though, we are pretty on it with doing shows together as a whole band. Our album launch in Bristol is at a place called the old malt house and its this Friday, April 24. Then we have another London album launch on May 17 at a place called the magic garden in Battersea. We are also playing as a band at Farm Fest, and as a trio at Shambala, boomtown fair, how the light gets in Festival and Bestival.
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/932021910152289/
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/364344263752624/


  • Usually about 3 times a week. I am a self employed musician and performing live is what I make most my money doing.

What has been your favourite moment in music?


  • Today was pretty good! we’ve got a really great new bass player and we were in the rehearsal room arranging a new song together. It’s a really bonkers intense song, both lyrically and musically. I felt like I was kind of prowling around the room and then I pause and just watch the guys just smashing out these nuts and rhythms and melodies and James is just hammering the keys so fast. It’s those moments that as someone who feels like they only just qualify as a musician, just kind of blow your mind and make you feel super privileged to be able to be there amongst it all. I think we all felt it though, the room just felt like it was shaking and we were all just kind of buzzing and exhausted at the end as if we’ve been doing am kind of chaotic jazz workout. Working on new material when it’s going well is basically just the best feeling ever.


  • I studied music at Leeds University, and they had a competition for young composers. The prize was getting one of your compositions scored for a 40 piece orchestra. I submitted a piano piece, and it got chosen to be scored. I’ll never forget watching the orchestra; it was amazing to hear 15 violins playing lines that I had only heard through playing it myself on the piano in my bedroom!  

Where is the best place to find you online?

Aubrey Whitfield Interview


1 – When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?

  •  I can’t explain it but I could just write music from an early age without any guidance or instrumental ability. I’d constantly make up little songs or jingles and get my brother and cousins to sing different parts. Then when I was 11 I got a Casio keyboard for Christmas and my dad taught me a few chords. By that evening I had written my first proper song and performed it to my mum and nan. I then got the bug and wrote around 500 songs between the age of 11 and 19.

2 – Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?

  •  My parents always had 60s and 70s music playing when I was growing up. I remember Queen being played a lot. It was a very musical household. My songwriting has always been influenced by songs rather than artists. So when I heard ‘Roll With It’ by Oasis on Top of the Pops I remember picking up my guitar right away and wanting to write a song like that.  That’s still my songwriting process now. When I heard ‘Love Me Like You Do’ by Ellie Goulding I went straight to my guitar to write a song. It’s quite an inspiring process for me.

3 – How long have you been playing/writing?

  •  I have been writing songs since I was 11, so that’s about 24 years now. I learnt to play the keyboard when I was 11 and then the guitar when I was 15. I also dabbled with the saxophone and cello in my late teens.

4 – How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?

  • Playing live for any artist in this modern music era is so important to build a fanbase. So I’m trying to get out and perform live as often as I can – I aim for an open-mic night per month and a pre-booked gig per month. I would love to do much more! I’m playing at The Bedford in Balham, South London on Monday 18 May. I’m really looking forward to that one as it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to play given the calibre of musicians who have performed there before they were famous.

5 – What has been your favourite moment in music?

  • In 2012 I signed a publishing deal with Broken Music Publishing. I did a couple of dance remixes for an American artist called Electron Love Theory. I think getting an email from the publishing company saying that my remix (so my first ever release) had been playlisted on over 60 dance radio stations and clubs worldwide was a stand out moment for me.

6 – Where is the best place to find you online?

Cosby Q&A


1 – When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?

  • I (Chris) have been into music my whole life as my father played folk guitar and my mother was a dancer. Also I grew up watching my brother (Chip) play in various other bands. I (Chris) began playing the piano around age 15. My brother was a big inspiration not only the music he created but also various bands we listened to and various cheesy 80’s movies that he forced me to watch. Also, on a more somber note, a good friend of mine committed suicide and I realized that music was a perfect outlet to help get certain things “off my chest.”

2 – Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?

  • I think I might have answered that some in the first question, and yes I think everything you experience whether it’s joyous or not has an impact on what you create. Both Chip and I love the simplicity and focus on melody that 80’s music did so well. We also as a band think modern music’s focus has shifted too much toward production and away from melody crafting. The desire to create infectious melodies is one of our primary unifying factors as a band.

3 – How long have you been playing/writing?

  • It varies individually but the first Cosby songs began to take shape in the Winter of 2011.

4 – How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?

  • Our goal from the start has been quality over quantity. We try not to over saturate the live market as we all know music is one of the most “over saturate” industries there is, if not the most. Our first show ever was with Future Islands and since then we have accompanied several National acts such as Saints of Valory, Banks, and Priory. We have also headlined the largest music venue in our city of Richmond the National Theater. We have several shows lined up in the U.S. for our spring/summer “Summer Gold” tour, we will make an official announcement soon. We would also love to make it to the U.K. to support our EP this summer.

5 – What has been your favorite moment in music?

  • Janet Jackson’s boob would just be too easy. That’s actually such a tough question because there are so many on a personal level and also on an industry level. For myself (Chris) seeing Neil Young live was pretty incredible and for my brother Chip he was able to see David Gilmour during his On an Island tour at Radio City Music Hall in NY.

6 – Where is the best place to find you online?

  • The best thing would be to go to our official website at www.cosbymusic.com. There you can find various links to all of our social media outlets. Thank again! 

Wings Of Pegasus Q&A

Wings of Pegasus

1 – When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?

  • I first started playing the guitar aged 13 when my dad introduced me to the music of Jimi Hendrix. I used to listen to songs and copy them by ear to figure out how to play them. Over the following years I started listening to 80’s guitarists and bands which influenced the direction my own music took.

2 – Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?

  • I grew up listening to all sorts! Even before playing guitar my parents would have pop music in the car, then at age 13 I got into Jimi Hendrix, followed by Van Halen, Whitesnake, Def Leppard and loads of other 80’s bands which I liked because of the guitar solos! I think it definitely has impacted on what I create as some songs will come over as hard rock and quite heavy, but then others may come across with more of a pop/rock influence. It just all depends on how the song comes out when it’s written, I never try to consciously write a ‘pop song’ or a ‘hard rock’ song. I just write and see what comes out!

3 – How long have you been playing/writing?

  • I’ve been playing guitar for 18 years now. I’ve been writing since the age of 18 probably, but I’m pretty sure all of those songs would sound awful now if I had a copy of them!!

4 – How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?

  • Not often, we used to gig in and around London, for 2 years, but realised no one was coming out to see live bands. The promoters weren’t actually promoting and we never got paid for a gig. It turned out to be not worth it and I realised the time was better spent online to build a following. I’d love to play live regularly, but unfortunately with the current unsigned live music scene it just isn’t possible financially. With that in mind, when we used to gig every week we had 48 followers and 240 likes. Now after spending time online and doing YouTube videos instead, we have over 50,000 followers and over 10,000 likes. I guess it’s a case of trial and error and finding what works for yourself and your music!

5 – What has been your favourite moment in music?

  • Personally finishing 3rd in a national unsigned competition out of 12,000 bands was quite an achievement as I knew our music wasn’t fashionable, but people must have liked it! I’d have to say my favourite moment is where I am right now, as people are liking the music, sharing it around and I’m making, selling and sending albums all over the world. We have a strong following on Twitter and Facebook and I’m always asked, ‘when are you touring?’ from different countries. As I still work I say it won’t be straight away, but I hope if the word continues to spread like it is, it won’t be long!

6 – Where is the best place to find you online?

You can find us at – 



For album tracks – www.reverbnation.com/wingsofpegasus


I’m pretty much always on the band’s Twitter and Facebook so that’s where to find me!

Harris Adams Q&A


  1.  When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?
  • I think I was about 12…..I hassled my parents to buy me a 2nd hand electric guitar that a friend was selling…
  • I was very fortunate to have some great tuition early on, and was soon annoying my parents constantly playing Jimi Hendrix solos and Oasis songs.
  •  A little later when I started piano lessons,  my teacher introduced me to the music of Ray Charles, and that lit the fuse really…. everything snowballed from there.

2.      Who did you grow up listening to, and does that impact on what you create now?

  • I had a largely non-musical upbringing, what music I heard I generally discovered myself… so it took me a while to develop and really pin down my tastes.
  • The whole Brit-pop thing was big in the 90’s so I got into that a little, but then I started to discover soul music… digging back though the decades to find stuff that I really connected with.
  • I think everything you listen to subconsciously has an effect on what you create…. especially if you learn to play and sing the song too… it’s not always immediate but somewhere down the line you’ll draw on that knowledge without even realising it.

3.      How long have you been playing/writing?

  • I guess I started writing in the mid 90’s, I was the lead guitar player in a school band and I remember putting a few tunes together.
  • It got more serious in my Twenties when I decided that music was something that I really wanted to commit to and make a career from.

4.      How often do you play live (include details and links for any upcoming gigs)?

  • We’ve decided to focus more on quality rather than quantity of gigs this year.
  • We packed out a few London venues early in 2015 and we’re currently working on the schedule for the rest of the year, but there are some very exciting things in the pipeline.

5.      What has been your favourite moment in music?

  • I got to sing a few verses of a Sam Cooke’s ‘Wonderful World’ with Rod Stewart a few months back which was extremely surreal! But I’d say to date my favourite moment has been recording my debut single ‘Ring Ring’ late last year.  I had an amazing team of ultra-talented musicians around me and the whole experience was incredible.  I am currently planning to record some more music so I really can’t wait to get back in the studio.

6.      Where is the best place to find you online?

  • And I have some stripped-back live covers of classic soul songs from the likes of Sam Cooke & Ray Charles on my YouTube Channel
  • www.youtube.com/harrisadamsmusic

Other social links